Obtaining & Levelling Characters


Where do I get more characters?

There are a number of places to get new characters:

  1. Events - Obtain SR and R characters from doing the weekly events.
  2. Friend Point pulls - You can get R and some SR characters from Friend Point Pulls
  3. Dragon Stone Pulls - Dragon stone pulls can get you SSR characters if your really lucky but worst case you get an R unit. It's recommended that once you have some decent characters you only do Dragon Stone pulls during events that give you better chances of pulling SSR or SR units.

Note: Bosses don't drop on non-event story stages.  

Levelling Characters

If you are looking for training items you can get them at Korin's tower. This is a special event stage that shows up daily at 19:00 - 20:00 & 12:00 - 13:00 PST. The stage is littered with training items and also gives large amounts of XP to your characters from the battles. The best way to level characters is to z-awaken N characters into LVL 20 R characters then feed them to the same Type unit for 44,670 XP. The return on XP is over 5 times what it takes to get a N to LVL 20.

Character and their state
XP in
XP out
Times XP multiplied
N Fodder LVL 1
N Fodder LVL 20
R Fodder LVL 20 z-awakened
R Fodder LVL 40 z-awakened

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