Privacy Policy

Well done your one of the less than 0.01% of people who will actually read this. Luckily for you we’ve kept it short and simple.

  • guidir takes your privacy seriously and will take all reasonable measures to protect your personal information.
  • guidir will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone.
  • guidir has taken extensive measures to protect the information you have given us, sadly there are people out there who will go to extreme measures to collect your information, even the biggest sites still get hacked and have their users personal information taken, therefore by using guidir you agree guidir isn’t liable to any damages or loss caused from this site, this being said it is highly unlikely that anyone will get your information from guidir.
  • guidir uses a session to keep you logged in when using our site.
  • guidir uses Google Analytics to keep track of user activity, to help further improve our site and the user experience. Like many services, Google Analytics uses first-party cookies to track visitor interactions. These cookies are used to store information, such as the time that the current visit occurred, whether the visitor has been to the site before and what site referred the visitor to the web page. Browsers do not share first-party cookies across domains. To learn more about Google Analytics visit their website.
  • guidir uses Google Adsense to display ads on the site.
  • Google uses cookies to serve ads based on your prior visits to guidir.
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